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Greenberg Elder Law Services, LLC
Services:  Life Care Planning, Estate Planning, Veteran's Benefits and Medicaid Planning
What is Life Care Planning?

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A Life Care Plan creates a legal road map for current and future needs designed to positively impact financial and healthcare issues. At Greenberg Elder Law Services, we pride ourselves in serving our clients as trusted guides in today's complex world of law and health care. In addition to a myriad of estate planning and other legal services, we can help individuals and families to assess options for long term care, either at home or outside of the home; and, to identify the potential sources for payment of such care. Incidentally, if long term care insurance is already in place, then Life Care Planning can include solid advocacy by an attorney to help ensure that eligible claims are paid.

Protecting family assets against the costs of long term care is one aspect of Life Care Planning. Greenberg Elder Law Services can assist clients in attaining eligibility for Medicaid, Veteran's benefits or other public benefit programs for which clients may be entitled. The firm also assists and prepares all materials required for the implementation of public benefits including any legal representation necessary through eligibility determination. Protection against estate recovery after the death of a public benefit recipient is also provided.

Life Care Planning at Greenberg Elder Law Services involves educating individuals and family members and providing connections to valuable community resources. This support alleviates stress, can enhance a sense of well-being and, ultimately, improve choices impacting clients' care. The Firm employs a licensed clinical social worker who serves as the client's "Life Care Counselor." The Counselor guides clients through our tangled and often confusing health care system to help individuals maintain their maximum level of independence and safety while enhancing their emotional well being during periods of challenges to health and functioning.

Attorney Benjamin H. Greenberg prepares all legal documents and estate planning necessary to achieve the specified goals of the life care planning. These documents may include, but are not limited to:  wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living will and other advance health care directives as specified by the client. A crucial element of the Life Care Plan enables caregiver(s) to protect an individual's legal, financial and care related needs and interests if he or she is no longer competent. Advanced estate planning can avoid legal costs and time delays in the distribution of assets following the death of a loved one.

Choosing to engage in Life Care Planning affords the client to reimburse legal services in an individualized and agreed upon flat rate fee as opposed to paying "billable hours." This is aligned with our philosophy to provide a continuum of care with legal services and advice regarding various options to meet health care needs as changes arise during a client's lifetime.

At Greenberg Elder Law Services, we understand the importance of creating an individualized Plan that meets the unique needs of people and their families. Our goal is to empower you to take action now that will protect your life-long health care needs without jeopardizing your financial health.

Services:  Life Care Counselor,
Bonnie L.Greenberg, LCSW

Greenberg Elder Law Services, LLC
is pleased to include
 a Life Care Counselor
as a valuable benefit to our clients.

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Mrs. Greenberg earned her specialization Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Pittsburgh where she graduated Dean’s Scholar with her Masters in Social Work in 1995. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. She is licensed in the state of Florida and has been practicing in the settings of medical social work, mental health counseling, and domestic abuse prevention and intervention for 24 years. She is available to meet with all new clients for an initial consultation and will be providing ongoing services to existing and new Life Care Planning clients.

Bonnie can guide clients through our tangled and often confusing health care system to help individuals maintain their maximum level of independence and safety while enhancing their emotional well being during periods of multiple challenges to health and functioning. She also can facilitate much needed communication where complicated family dynamics are involved.

In addition, Mrs. Greenberg will be providing outreach to individuals and organizations about the importance of elder law services in improving the quality of life for families throughout the generations.

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